Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Totally messed up! Punpun Sutatta is very angry. Live broadcast explains that she never posted a message. Never posted on social media

20 Apr 2024

Nowadays, it can be seen that in the online world, pictures of famous people and entertainers are used to add sharp messages. Then share and forward a lot. Many people came out and posted to explain that they had never said these words once. Like the actress Panpan Sutatta, who recently had her picture edited. Ready to enter a message saying “Beautiful because a filter is a beautiful person. Because some people even use filters and are still not beautiful at all. Therefore, you cannot use it and it will not be as beautiful. Condition: 555555 “This time, Miss Punpun didn’t wait and immediately came out to clarify that “That it won’t happen anymore. But keep sharing. Let me tell you, it’s not Pan. Pan never thought of anything like this. I’ve never posted anything like this before. Totally messed up”.