Monday, 17 June 2024

Severe punishment for “former executive doctor” for driving under the influence. He denies ever being arrested. The police confirmed it was in the system.

28 Apr 2024

A female doctor, a former executive of a world-renowned company, drunk drove. Attacked an officer by kicking a deputy in the face. The traffic police officer said he had never had a history of being arrested for drunk driving before. The police on the other side confirmed that a criminal history check had found that he had been arrested for drunk driving in August 2022 at the same checkpoint. The owner of the case asked to postpone filing charges of drunk driving with the court. Because the collection of evidence was not completed. Because there are still charges Fighting and obstructing officials and causing bodily harm. As for the accused, he made an appointment to meet with the investigator along with his lawyer. To add to the case of former company executives He used his foot to kick the face of Pol. Lt. Col. Darathon Kajornsin, deputy superintendent of the 5th Traffic Police Division, while he was taking him away in a police car. Prawet Police Station on charges of drunk driving A female doctor driving a black Mercedes Benz, model C 220 B, registration no. 2 Kor-151, Bangkok, passed the traffic discipline checkpoint. Opposite the mosque Roads along the motorway in Bangkok’s subdistricts and Suan Luang districts, at midnight on April 23, measured the alcohol content at 104 milligrams percent. He resisted and cursed a traffic police officer who was performing his duty. He was charged with 3 charges of drunk driving and fighting and obstructing an officer while performing his duty. and assaulting officials while performing their duties The suspect pleaded guilty to drunk driving and the other two charges he denied. and asked to come meet with the investigator along with his lawyer to testify again As previously reported, the progress at 11:30 a.m. on April 27, former company executive Revealed to reporters by telephone that In the case where the police revealed that He had been arrested and prosecuted for drunk driving and sent to court during August 2022 and was currently awaiting probation. Confirming that he has never been involved in a drunk driving case as the police gave out information. As for the police, they will prosecute. Or report charges of defamation, still unknown Preliminary discussions with Pol. Lt. Col. Darathon Khajonsin, deputy superintendent of the 5th Traffic Police Division, have already ended. On that day, were you physically assaulted or not? I would not answer this question. Please give evidence in court only. As for the assault charges and other issues Ask to testify in court It is currently in the investigation process, waiting for another appointment with the investigating officer. What kind of information will the police give to the media according to what is reported? He has never come out to give evidence to anyone and would like to reveal it during the investigation. Moreover, each side must bring evidence to prove itself. But what can be proven at this time That is, he has never been prosecuted in the past. A former company executive mentioned the case where there was a clip that was published that said that the police were “low level” saying that the clip that was published was only a portion of the video that was edited. The actual clip was longer than this. Negotiations on the day of the incident did not include just this one word. Those words that were spoken were probably the strongest words in his life. Because I’m normally a person who doesn’t use harsh words. Confirm that you did not insult anyone. But I said it because it had a reason. He confirmed that on the day of the incident he was not drunk. As for the mental effects of the police officers, we talked outside of the meeting and nothing came to mind. Pol. Lt. Col. Darathon Kajornsin, deputy superintendent of the 5th Traffic Police Division, said that the investigating officer had not made an appointment to come. Met for further questioning. While undergoing a physical examination at the police hospital, evidence was submitted to the investigating officer in the assault case. Confirmed that from reviewing past data from the CRIME system, the offender had previously been prosecuted for drunk driving around August 2022. It was the same checkpoint where he was arrested this time while Pol. Col. Suraphong Putkhao, superintendent of Prawet Police Station, said that the investigation officer is in the process of investigating the case. Gathering of evidence Initially, a former company executive Inform the investigating officer that between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on April 27, he will come to give a statement along with a lawyer. Due to waiting for the lawyer to return from abroad Previously, the appointment was made for the evening of May 3 because it was seen that it was an issue that people were interested in. Police Capt. Kittichot Summat, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Prawet Police Station, owner of the case, said that at this time Request to defer filing a lawsuit at Phra Khanong District Court in the drunk driving case. Because the collection of evidence has not yet been completed. Because there is still a charge of obstructing the performance of duties of an official. and physical harm In the process of collecting evidence and further interrogation Both the perpetrator and the victim The accused stated that Request to exercise legal rights to have a lawyer present in the investigation process But a date has not yet been set for the meeting. The offender must travel to meet the investigating officer in person. As for the police on the injured party’s side, they have asked for additional testimony, but today it is not convenient for them to testify. Dr. Tangjai Siripanich, secretary-general of the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, said that from the published information, it was found that the former company executive He had been arrested and prosecuted for drunk driving on August 17, 2022. The court gave him the opportunity to suspend his prison sentence for 2 years, in line with the new Land Traffic Act that has been amended and announced. Enforced in the case of repeated drunk driving during the 2-year suspended sentence, the court will always be imprisoned and fined. The Foundation has been campaigning for law enforcement and campaigning to stop drunk driving since 1996. There is a letter to the Chief Judge of the Phra Khanong District Court. Please use your discretion to punish with severe punishment according to the provisions of the law. That is, imprisonment without parole. In order not to be like those who think about violating the drunk driving law. For safety and reducing risk factors on the road The Foundation has no reason to be angry with Former company executive personally The claim is made in the public interest. Protect public safety used by cars on the road and protecting the law, Dr. Chao Chai also said that In addition, the foundation Made a book of praise and encouragement Pol. Gen. Kittirat Phanphet, Police Commander-in-Chief, and Pol. Lt. Col. Darathon Kajornsin, Deputy Superintendent of Region 5, Southern Police Traffic Division. The commander performed his duty with patience and mindfulness in making the arrest until the accused person disrespected the honor of being a police officer by kicking his foot in the face, but Pol. Lt. Col. Darathorn remained mindful and performed his duty without responding later. At 9:40 p.m. the same day, a former company executive Along with a team of 3 lawyers, they traveled to the Prawet Metropolitan Police Station to meet Police Lieutenant Colonel Kittichot Summat, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of the Prawet Metropolitan Police Station, the owner of the case, to give additional testimony. Before meeting the investigating officer Former company executives clasped their hands in worship and said: Apologize to society and the police for admitting to drunk driving. As for the cases of assault and fighting and obstructing officers while performing their duties, they did not wish to answer questions. Requested to meet with the investigative officer first. Then, the former company executive along with his lawyer went to give a statement to the investigative officer in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the Metropolitan Police Station immediately and read it. “Thairath newspaper columns” all here