Monday, 17 June 2024

2 people were sacrificed, 1 was seriously injured, a former assistant police officer killed the village headman, shot him in the temple as well.

29 Apr 2024

The village headman’s former assistant went crazy and shot the village headman, killing him gruesomely. Relatives fought over the gun and fired it, seriously injuring him in the neck. before exploding in the temple and causing death Examination found that there had been a problem for a long time. While drinking alcohol in front of the house until drunk Saw the village headman riding A motorcycle passed in front of the house, used a gun to shoot 5 times and died on the road. Ah heard the gunshot and ran to help, stopping him from fighting for the gun. He missed the bullet and collapsed. After the incident, he told his wife that she would not be arrested. Before deciding to take his own life to escape his guilt, a former village headman’s assistant shot the village headman to death, horrifying his relatives and snatched the gun, causing him to explode and seriously injure him. Before shooting himself in the temple, he committed suicide, the second corpse. It was revealed on the morning of April 28 that Pol. Col. Suwicha Channgam, superintendent of Wiset Chai Chan Police Station, Ang Thong Province, brought police forensics officers to inspect. Looking for additional evidence in the case of a shooting death where two people died and another person was seriously injured. The incident occurred on the road in front of house number 74, Village No. 6, Tha Chang Subdistrict, Wiset Chai Chan District. At the same time, investigators invited witnesses who were present at the event and people close to the deceased. and the injured came for a thorough interrogation to find the trigger for this shooting. The shocking incident occurred at 7:30 p.m. on April 27, Police Lieutenant Colonel Cholapat Kwansri, S.W. (Investigation) Wiset Chai Chan Police Station Received a report of a shooting death on the road in front of house number 74, Village No. 6, Tha Chang Subdistrict. Went to investigate and found the body of Mr. Phisit Chaemchan, 41 years old, village headman, Village No. 6, Tha Chang Subdistrict, lying in a pool of blood on the road. There were 5 gunshot wounds to the head. 50 meters away, the body of Mr. Niwat Plaibua, 45 years old, former assistant village headman, Village No. 6, Tha Chang Subdistrict, was found lying face down next to the base of a coconut tree. He was shot 1 time in the right temple. His right hand was holding a .38 caliber gun. In addition, he learned from witnesses that another person was shot and injured and was taken to Wiset Chaichan Hospital. Know the name of Mr. Lob Plaibua, 62 years old, with the honor of being Mr. Niwat’s uncle, who was shot once in the throat and is in serious condition. Initial investigation of villagers who witnessed the incident revealed that The culprit is Mr. Niwat. former assistant village headman After having problems with Mr. Phisit, the village headman, for a long time before the incident of the village headman riding a car Motorcycles leave the house not far away. Until running past the front of Mr. Niwat’s house The perpetrator, who was drunk, used a gun and shot him dead on the street. During the incident, Mr. Laeb heard the sound of a gunshot and ran to stop his nephew, leading to a struggle over the gun with Mr. Niwat. And the gun went off and it hit Mr. Leb’s neck and he fell down. After the incident, Mr. Niwat used the same gun to shoot himself in the temple and killed another Ms. Thanita Yingyo, 35 years old, Mr. Phisit’s wife. Claim that Upon questioning the villagers, it was found that Mr. Niwat had been drinking alcohol and taking drugs until he was hallucinating. While Mr. Phisit, husband, rode his car to buy things. He was shot and killed by the attacker on the road in front of his own house. As for the cause, the perpetrator was jealous of his wife all over the place. Not even the village headman Even though we’ve never talked to each other. There are always problems with men who come close to their wives. Pol. Col. Suwicha Channgam, superintendent of Wiset Chai Chan Police Station, revealed that from investigating witnesses, he knew that The perpetrator shot and killed the village headman first. And there was a fight over a gun with the uncle who dissuaded him until the bullet went off and injured him. After the incident, the perpetrator told his wife that he would not be arrested. before deciding to shoot himself to death to escape guilt Now interrogate the two dead wives. Including the son of the perpetrator who was at the scene and saw the incident. Both deceased wives confirmed that they did not have any romantic relationships at all. It’s just that the culprit is a very jealous and paranoid person who doesn’t want anyone to mess with his wife. As for the perpetrator, he resigned from the assistant village headman 5 years ago due to work problems. History check did not find any use of drugs. Read. All “Thairath newspaper columns” here