Monday, 17 June 2024

“Another eruption” of fire at a chemical waste factory in Rayong. Recently, at 5 warehouses, officials rushed to inject extractor water.

29 Apr 2024

“Rayong” Progress of the Winprocess chemical waste storage plant. Recently it erupted again. After officials brought a backhoe to scoop out a pile of chemicals in Warehouse 5 from a pile of 200-liter oil drums that were accumulating. Firefighters rush to extinguish It was found that in some places there was still smoke. It was recommended that officials wear masks to protect against ammonia in the evening. On April 28, 2024, reporters reported on progress in the case of a fire at the Winprocess industrial chemical waste storage factory. Village No. 4, Bang But Subdistrict, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province, recently another fire broke out. After firefighters used a backhoe to shovel a pile of chemicals in Warehouse No. 5, they found that a fire had started from a large pile of 200-liter oil drums that had accumulated. The operator driving the backhoe had to quickly remove the vehicle. before officials could spray water to extinguish the fire. In the area of ​​warehouse no. 5 there is still smoke in some areas. which officials brought in with backhoes to shovel To equalize the chemical pile requires more care. The back almost caught fire. Meanwhile, at Warehouse No. 3, officials rushed to use sodium bicarbonate to cover the hole where smoke was found coming out. to hasten to extinguish the fire In some places there is still smoke coming out. This is because soil was previously used to fill in. This causes gaps in the soil and sand. As a result, it was still found that there was a group from the heat of the aluminum gloss below. Pol. Maj. Gen. Pongphan Wongmaneethet, commander of Rayong Provincial Police, said police officers would quickly inspect evidence at the scene. the most and fully support relevant agencies Initially, a drone was used to collect images of evidence at the scene. before sending the police to examine the evidence and investigators inspected the scene After being confident that the area is safe Confirm that the process will be expedited as quickly as possible. The investigation of personal witnesses Currently, 20 witnesses have been interviewed, including 5 factory employees and security guards. The rest are people living near the factory. and those who saw the events during the fire As for the factory owner, they still cannot be traced. Claiming to be on business outside of Rayong Province, the police will quickly track him down for further preliminary investigation. Today (28 April), the Environment and Pollution Control Office No. 13, Chonburi, has been measuring the air quality. The area near Warehouse No. 3, which was found to have a strong ammonia odor with a radius of 30 meters, was at level 7-8 but not yet dangerous. But it is recommended that those working on the job should wear a mask that protects against ammonia.