Monday, 17 June 2024

ICONSIAM donates 20 tons of soil conditioner to Bangkok To restore green areas sustainably

08 May 2024

ICONSIAM, one of the world’s most beautiful landmarks along the Chao Phraya River. Deliver soil nutrients from food waste to Environment Agency Bangkok, amounting to 20 tons, to be used to take care of green areas in Bangkok. By fertilizing the soil from food scraps. It starts with separating waste from the source, both for customers who come to use the service and for shops in the project. By dividing waste into 3 types: general waste, recyclable waste, and food scraps. To help reduce the problem of the amount of waste that will occur in landfills in Bangkok. The amount of each type of waste generated each day The largest amount of waste is food waste. ICONSIAM therefore has a way to use such waste to make it useful. Take food waste into the production process to become organic fertilizer or soil conditioner through a food waste limiter. Which can produce a monthly volume of 2,000 kilograms or 2 tons. ICONSIAM adheres to the vision of operating a business that benefits many people. and want to be an important part in raising the quality of life of Thai people Therefore, the strategy has been adopted. “Together we create (Co-creation) and creating shared values ​​for all parties” to be incorporated into every type of business process. along with continuously implementing environmental projects Which consists of 3 parts: 1. Bio Economy or the biological economy Focus on the cost-effective use of biological resources. 2. Circular Economy: Using existing resources to their best value, creating waste that destroys the environment as little as possible, or reducing or reusing leftovers or produce for maximum economic benefit. or Reuse and finally Recycle, bringing used items back into production to be as environmentally friendly as possible and 3. Green Economy, green economic system To lead to economic development in both the production and service sectors that take into account the environment and to make the production and service sectors as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce their impact on the world sustainably.