Monday, 17 June 2024

The greatest! L’Oréal Paris invites you to find the definition of ‘We’re Worth It, the value that we all deserve’.

08 May 2024

It is an important phenomenon for L’Oreal Paris, the world’s leader in beauty. which recognizes the value of beauty in every dimension, has transformed the area along the Chao Phraya River into the biggest event of the year, “L’Oréal Paris Worth It”, gathering entertainers both in front and behind the scenes. to successful executives from various career fields and more than 100 attendees came to express a clear standpoint of ‘We’re Worth It, the value that we all deserve’ and showcased the most spectacular drone light show for the first time at River Park ICONSIAM on May 2, 2024. In the past, this event has included the L’Oreal Paris Thailand family such as Chompoo-Araya A. Harket, Nicha-Nattanicha. Dang Wattanawanit and PP-Krit Amnuaydejkorn as well as Jamie Nine-Norawit Thiticaroenrak, Friend of L’Oréal Paris, joins as a spokesperson and invites everyone to question their own definition of value. Along with the artists and actors who joined in the show ‘Walk Your Worth’ along with the cast from GMMTV Love Phattharanit, Milk-Pansa, View-Benyapa, Earth-Pirapat, Mix- Union and the drama Duangjai Thevaphrom, such as Bam-Saralee, Yada-Narilla, Junior-Kajbundit, reinforced by Worth It Squad such as Cindy-Sirinya, Poy-Trichada. , Yoshi Rinrada, and the latest 100 million heroine Taew-Usa (from the movie Lan Ma), to sales executives from GMMTV and female executive teams from L’Oréal Paris and L’Oréal Group Thailand, and also Was honored by Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok. Become a recipient of donations that L’Oréal Paris shares with the organization. and foundations that help with various problems for women Total value of over 7.9 million baht, over 50 years that L’Oreal Paris has initiated the creation of the most iconic message. “Worth You Deserve” in an advertisement for the first time since 1971, celebrating the worth and beauty in every woman. Until today, the familiar slogan has been adapted to the modern times until it has become “We’re Worth It, the value that we all deserve” to inspire everyone in society. which have different backgrounds, occupations, genders, education, and ages to be proud of their own worth to the utmost. The definition of ‘value that we all deserve’ from the perspective of people who have various roles in Society Ms. Sukanya Kiravittaya, Brand General Manager – L’Oréal Paris Thailand, said: “Continuing the Worth It campaign this year allows everyone in society to join in questioning the definition of value that we all deserve. In L’Oréal Paris’s view, it is that everyone believes in their own worth. When realizing the value within It will be a driving force. to success in life.” Khun Chompoo, Khun Nicha and Khun Phi Phi Spokespersons – L’Oréal Paris Thailand said, “As an entertainer Values ​​that we all deserve It is when we see the value in ourselves. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone to be proud of their own roles and responsibilities. to the people working behind the scenes like producers, directors, screenwriters, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, all of whom have a part in driving the entertainment industry forward beautifully.” Also, Ms. Jamie Nine-Norawit J – Friend of L’Oréal Paris Thailand said, “From the perspective of the new generation of artists. Your individuality is the important thing that makes people look at you with admiration and love for who you are. That we don’t have to try to be like other people. We’re just proud of ourselves. Everything will always turn out well.” In addition, Ms. Cindy-Sirinya Actress and model who initiated the “Don’t Tell Me How to Dress” campaign, Khun Poy-Trichada. Social activist and Khun Taew-Usa, lead actor from the movie Lan Ma, said, “I want to be a voice for everyone to stand up and fight against things that reduce their worth, such as insults, bullying or bullying others. To feel inferior both online and in real life Because everyone has value And no one should destroy our worth.” This year, “L’Oréal Paris Worth It” continues to give back good things to society by donating over 30,000 pieces of cosmetics, totaling over 7.9 million baht. To organizations and foundations that help women facing problems in society In line with the brand’s intention to believe that every woman has value. and give them the strength to fight and embrace their own self-worth with full pride. You can follow the next step of this campaign at #LOREALPARISTH