Monday, 17 June 2024

Traveling with hair problems

14 May 2024

The government of Prime Minister Settha Thavisin promotes the main policy of soft power. in the administration of the country to be separated into various branches and every ministry will have a duty to implement it based on the principles of work The National Soft Power Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Settha, is among them: travel Income from tourism is the main income of the country. The target is approximately 2 trillion baht per year, which is in countries where tourist attractions are the main products, such as Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland. Scandinavian countries There are many tourists who like to go there. They mostly sell natural products. And where most tourists go to leave before returning, there are souvenir shops and outlets to relieve the coins in their wallets in the modern era. online platform It also helps stimulate tourism. With just one mobile phone you can create content. Making money as a hobby. In conclusion, traveling. It is considered the easiest way to stimulate the economy, requiring no cost. By relying on the natural capital that is already there, it is a charm and an incentive for people to travel. At present, there are many types of tourists, real travel, gray business travel. And there are other hidden benefits. When you see the simple picture, it’s like a Thai person who secretly goes to work in South Korea. Being a little ghost, he works both legally and illegally. The same is true for foreign tourists who come to Thailand. Therefore, tourism is like a double-edged sword. too liberal You get a number of tourists, but they may not be of quality and have an impact on the quality of life of people in the country. Recently, you can see the news that Japanese official A large black screen was set up to block the view of Mount Fuji. In front of Lawson convenience store. Because of the area Tourists flocked to take photos with Mount Fuji to the point that locals in the area were unable to make a living. Which is actually the city of Fujikawaguchi. There are many other angles to take photos with Mount Fuji. But the view in front of Lawson’s shop is considered a public view that tourists must come to check in. It made the area very chaotic. Villagers are in trouble Even though there are officials there to warn you and there are warning signs, everyone is determined to take a selfie with a great view of Mount Fuji. Until finally, the authorities had to block it with a large sign, using only the sauce as an example because there are many tourist attractions in Japan that must restrict tourists due to bad behavior of tourists. Buses and trains in Japan are crowded with tourists. This makes traveling more difficult for Japanese people. For example, in Tokyo, there is an actual population of about 2.5 million residents, but there are more than 32 million tourists who come and stay, not including Japanese people who come to work each day. or in Italy Some legendary tourist attractions It is full of tourists, causing more than half of the villagers to move elsewhere. Even though popular tourist attractions have higher entrance fees, this does not hinder tourists in any way. Ultimately, it becomes an internal problem in each country, both economic and social. Solving problems is like strands of hair covering a mountain. Because they only thought about the number of tourists. But regardless of the quality of tourists, as the days go by, the more problems accumulate among people inside. Bangkok is starting to feel uncomfortable using the Skytrain or buying products in retail and wholesale department stores. or living in condos due to the increasing number of foreigners without quality. Iron fist Click to read the column. “Keep your child in your mouth” more