Monday, 17 June 2024

ACFS joins the “APFRAS 2024” meeting to discuss food safety regulations. Protect consumers

17 May 2024

ACT joins in observing the meeting “APFRAS 2024” in Seoul, South Korea, preparing to consider joining as a member. Ready to discuss with the Director-General of the Singapore Food Agency about food regulations. obtained from cell culture and prepare safety assessment guidelines under Codex to welcome the growth of the alternative protein industry on 16 May 2024, Ms. Preeyanuch Thipayawat, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards ( ACT (ACT) revealed that ACT by a delegation from the Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards Policy Division and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) attended the Asia-Pacific Food Regulatory Authority Summit 2024 : APFRAS 2024) with Mr. Han Deok-soo, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea. Chaired the opening ceremony of the conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Between 13-14 May 2024, APFRAS is a framework for cooperation between food regulatory agencies. Established in 2023 to take the lead in setting guidelines for system development. Supervise food safety that responds to dietary changes and challenges To protect consumers and create a resilient and sustainable supply chain, APFRAS is led by the Republic of Korea. Currently, there are 8 member countries: the Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. There are also international agencies that are permanent observers, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Thailand, Chile and Malaysia have been invited to participate as observer countries in the meeting. At this meeting, leaders of each participating country and organization Participated in expressing their vision and opinions on the situation. and trends in current food regulations There are challenges in terms of climate change. Focusing on sustainability use of digital technology and new production processes additionally occurring Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Republic of Korea and industry representatives Presented the use of digital technology and AI to control food safety, such as remote inspection, the use of technology to control critical points in the food production process (Smart HACCP), and the electronic screening of imported products (SAFE-i24). ) Using QR codes to provide additional information and check food recalls (Food QR), etc. during the said meeting Thailand has discussed and exchanged views with Ms. Tan Lee Kim, Director-General of the Singapore Food Agency, regarding food regulations. obtained from cell culture (Cell-based food), including opportunities and possibilities in creating central guidelines For safety assessment under Codex to support the future growth of the alternative protein sector. which must be based on the safety of consumer health is also important The meeting also discussed the performance of APFRAS in the past year. and plans for further operations As an important mission in the first phase, APFRAS plans to officially launch the APFRAS Food Regulation Database for industry and interested citizens to use in December 2024 in order to facilitate trade. In addition, at The meeting acknowledged the results of the work of 3 working groups under APFRAS, namely the Food Regulations Working Group. Has prepared a study report on the food regulatory environment (Food Regulatory Environment Analysis) for the year 2023, which compiles the results of studies on important change trends such as carbon neutrality (Carbon Neutrality) and the One-Health principle. Approach) Digital Working Group which organized a seminar to exchange experiences and in-depth knowledge In using digital technology for food safety together and the Working Group on Environment and New Technology Roundtable meetings and food seminars were held. obtained from cell culture (Cell-based food), using containers from recycled raw materials and risk assessment of environmentally friendly food containers and equipment. And there are plans to expand the scope to include alternative protein groups from insects as well. “Currently, Thailand is in the process of considering joining as a member of the said cooperation framework, which ACFS will continue to discuss with the FDA and related agencies. Joining as a member of APFRAS is an opportunity for Thailand to participate. Proactive work Set policies and guidelines for developing a flexible and modern food safety governance system. that is in line with the agricultural context of Thailand as well as creating cooperation to promote exports Including pushing for important agricultural and food issues in Thailand. Through cooperation with partners, however, APFRAS is scheduled to be held once a year. The next meeting will be held in 2025 in Seoul, Republic of South Korea,’ said the ACT Deputy Secretary-General.