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Best soft power Taiwan

18 May 2024

Casual Saturday Today we’re going to talk about bubble milk tea. Let’s talk about the best soft power in Taiwan. Hand-shaken drinks made fresh, one glass at a time, from high quality ingredients. Respond to individual needs by being able to choose the level of sweetness. Ice quantity And the toppings can be customized according to your preference until it wins the hearts of milk tea fans in Asia, Europe and America. It is so popular that there has been the establishment of National Bubble Tea Day, which falls on April 30 of every year. Tea culture is together. with the Chinese people for a long time In the past, Taiwanese Chinese immigrants were fascinated with making tea and drinking hot tea. As for bubble milk tea, it has only been around for 40 years, but it has become the national drink and the true soft power of Taiwan, the origin of Taiwanese bubble milk tea. Most people believe that it came from Chun Shui Tang in Taichung. (There are also franchises for sale in Thailand.) The idea came from when I went to Japan and saw a barista put coffee in a shaker and then add ice and shake it to make iced coffee. So I copied the idea and used it for my own tea shop. Open for sale: brewed tea shaken in a shaker Later, a recipe was devised to take Fenyan snacks made from tapioca flour and mold them into pearls. It has become the most popular drink in Taiwan since the past year. 1988 However, there is another trend that believes that the first bubble tea shop was Han Lin Shop. of Tainan City, claiming to be Du Songhe, the founder of Han Lin Shop. He invented pearls in 1986 by boiling cassava starch and combining it with sugar. Then mix it with milk tea. First use white pearls. But soon the color was changed to black pearls. During that time, many bubble tea shops sprang up. Spread to many countries in ASEAN But it was a fever trend for a short while and then gradually faded. Until in 2016, the bubble tea trend returned again when Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen used the New Southbound Policy to support tourism and business. Aiming to increase the number of visitors to Taiwan From tourists from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. To be able to travel to Taiwan without having to apply for a visa, the Taiwanese government has taken this opportunity to announce that Bubble milk tea is the national drink. and stated in the travel guide that If you come to Taiwan, you must drink bubble milk tea at least once. Otherwise, it will be considered as having not arrived in Taiwan. In addition, bubble tea is also used as a part of diplomacy. and is the main drink to welcome guests at various important events. According to the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, in 2023, across Taiwan, there were 28,574 milk tea shops with a total turnover of more than NT$100 billion, or approximately 1. 1300 billion baht Taiwanese bubble milk tea brands have franchises and have opened branches in many countries, such as Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Portugal, and the United States. Meanwhile, there are quite a few milk teas from other countries sold in Taiwan, such as brands from China and Hong Kong. United States, Thailand, Canada, Japan, most of them come in the form of coffee shops for celebrating National Bubble Tea Day on 30 April. People often buy bubble tea to take photos and post on social media. Meanwhile, every milk tea shop will have special discount promotions. Some brands hold mini-concerts. Even online platforms have promotions and giveaways for RuPaul’s Drag Race, an American drag show reality TV show. which is accepting applications for drag people from around the world to compete in a costume contest. Performances and ideas This year is the 16th year organized last April. The winner is a Taiwanese woman named Nymphia Wind. The final round of the contest is “Bubble Milk Tea”. She is the first East Asian person to win this competition. President Tsai Ing-wen immediately posted on Instagram congratulating Nymphia Wind’s success, along with thanking and praising it as a pride for Taiwanese people. I thought for a long time what kind of drink in Thailand we have that could be molded into a fiddle. Can power up But I still can’t imagine it. If the reader has an idea. Please help make recommendations to the government. I’ve seen that I’ve been working on soft power for 8 months now, but I’m still not finding the right thing. Haven’t found it yet. “Whirlwind” Click to read the column. Additional “Thailand Notes”