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Phra Somdet Pilan First sermon pose Built during the period when Somdej To was still in existence.

19 May 2024

Phra Pilan, first sermon pose Somdej Phra Buddhacarya (M.C. Tat Seniwong) of Wat Rakhang of Supachai Sayan. Welcome. Phra Vibhavadi Stadium Many people have begun to observe the precepts and practice Dhamma for Visakha Bucha on May 22. In various temples, they have organized Dhamma projects. I don’t know if people these days know what day Visakha Bucha is. I would like to bring some coconuts to sell in the garden. It is the day that the Lord Buddha was born, gained enlightenment, and passed away on the same day and month, which is the full moon day (15th day of the waxing moon) of the sixth month or the month of Visakha. Two thousand five hundred years ago for the first time When the Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha the second time, when he was ordained for 6 years, he attained enlightenment as the Lord Buddha on the banks of the Neranjara River in the Magadha region, now Bodhgaya. The third time, when he passed away to nirvana. When he was 80 years old at Kusinara–where all three important events occurred on the same day and month. The lunar path is therefore considered Buddha’s miracle story Religious people therefore remember by going to temples. Worship with flowers, incense sticks and candles, and pray and circumambulate with candles around the pagoda. Or the temple that houses the principal Buddha image by walking around to the right three times. The first round is chanting hymns praising the Buddha’s virtues. The second round is chanting hymns praising the Dharma’s virtues. The third round is chanting hymns praising the Sangha’s virtues. Some temples also have sermons in the chapel today. Let’s start with Phra Somdet Bang Khun Phrom, Than Sam print, Wat Mai Amataros, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, which when the temple opened the crypt, brought the print that Phra Chao Prakun Somdet Phra Buddhacarya (To Phrom Rangsi) built and housed the pagoda since 1870. On November 24, 1957, it was found that there were 9 types of Buddha amulets, namely large type, chedi type, Ket Buatum type, and Sam base type. printed yarn Bodhi print, Sangkhati print, Garuda chest print, double base print, and reclining print. small amount There are 4 prints of the same type as Wat Rakhang, Phra Somdej Bang Khun Phrom, Than Sam print, Wat Mai Amataros, of Thikarn Supaviratbancha. They are 1. large print, 2. chedi print. 3. Ket Buatum print and 4. Than Sam print. Like this one of Sia Thikan Supaviratbancha. which is further divided into round arms and elbow-shaped arms. This type is a beautiful Buddha image. The skin has wrinkles and peeling off. Therefore, the artistic lines and style of the Buddha image are preserved perfectly. The remaining stains are brown wax and stingray tail bumps. They are scattered around as evidence of the nature of Phra Kru Bang Khun Phrom. To be used as a case study, “Phra Kru” is one of the most excellent, followed by Phra Pilan, printed in the posture of giving his first sermon. Somdej Phra Buddhacarya (Maj. Tat Seniwong), Wat Rakhang, Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok, amulet made during the ecclesiastical period. at Phra Phutthabat Pilan, around the year 1864, in order to preserve the age of Buddhism. When accepting the position of abbot of Wat Rakhang after Chao Prakhun Somdet To The old one looks like a Buddha amulet made from Buddhist powder. Mixed with burnt palm leaf material in various forms, totaling more than 10 prints, found both with white wax stains (cow tallow) and without tallow wax stains. Like this one by Sia Supachai Sayan, it is a special amulet that is rarely found. Especially the body is in perfect condition. Original thin white wax stain. Like this, currently the price is in the mid-to-late hundred thousand baht. Phra Pidta, Chalud print, powder mixed with lacquer – coated with lacquer. Luang Pu Iam Pathomnam, Wat Saphan Sung, of Itthi Chawalit Thamrong. Next is Phra Pidta, Chalud print, powder mixed with lacquer and coated with lacquer. Luang Pu Iam Pathomnam, Saphan Sung Temple, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province. This one is a famous good Buddha image. It was originally a Buddha amulet of Hia Peng Yong Talat Phlu, a senior and leading expert. who specializes in considering and collecting Buddha amulets until they are accepted They kept this amulet until it passed away. When the amulet passed into the hands of heirs, it was sold and moved to a nest and went to live with “Sia Phet” Itthi Chawalittamrong, a popular amulet whose fans have been asking all over the place where he has been for months. When we came back, it was the talk of the town with the best Buddha amulets, indicating our tastes and followed by the history of being one of the most legendary Phra Pidta amulets. which requires a large investment To be proudly invited to own it at a price–comparable to the price of the champion Phra Somdej amulet, gold-plated image, Nonthaburi City Pillar construction model, 1990, Luang Pu Iam, Saphan Sung Temple, of Tao Amulets. Continued with a metal image. Gold, City Pillar Construction Model, 1990, Luang Pu Iam, Saphan Sung Temple, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, created it as a souvenir to give as a reward to those who donated money to build the City Pillar Shrine. The construction ceremony was held at Saphan Sung Temple on April 27, 1990. It is a floating figure made of gold, silver, and copper. There are 2 sizes, weight 1 baht and 50 satang, which were sold out before the day of the ceremony — currently available. Get high popularity Because it is very similar to the real one, this one is from Sia Tao. The price of the amulet is in the hundreds of thousands, the Naga Prok coin, made of copper, Luang Por Derm Phutthasaro, Wat Nong Pho, belonging to Itthi Chawalit Thamrong. Followed by. Phra Nagaprok coin, copper material, Phra Khru Niwas Thammakhan (Luang Pho Derm Phutthasaro), Nong Pho Temple, Nakhon Sawan Province, popular coin model. Created along with the first version of the coin in 1927, there are 3 materials: 1. Silver 2. Copper with gold plating. 3. Copper material Like this coin of Sia Phet-Itthi There were only a small number of them made, very rare, very popular. Because it has power It’s an experience. Both the aspect of kindness, protection and protection that are famous from the past to the present, Hanuman, wood, sword face, Luang Pho Sun, Wat Sala Kun, owned by Nithit Nonwarawet, next office. It is a Hanuman amulet (sword face) made of wood that Luang Pho Sun Chantachot, Wat Sala Kun, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province, made for him as a resident of Nonthaburi. He was ordained and has always been a monk at Wat Sala Kun. Have strict precepts It is respected and believed by the villagers. When the abbot passed away, he was appointed abbot. Since the rainy season, he was still a little short of accepting the position. He planted a love tree and a gardenia tree together in front of the monastery. Consecrate holy water to pour water Take care of it carefully Until the auspicious time according to the textbook He performed a sacrifice ceremony. Take the whole tree and the roots of both trees and dry them. Gave it to a student who carved a Khon pattern in the shape of Hanuman with a “Khon face” pattern and to a Chinese student. who came to make a living sailing and trading on the river in front of the temple They regularly park and stay at the pier in front of the temple. which has Chinese carving skills Help carve a simple Hanuman figure. But it’s neat and beautiful, called “Krabi Face”, like this one by Sia Nithit Nonwarawet, which is perfect. Champion-level beauty With the most classic artistic form. The divine medicine knife, ivory handle – ivory sheath, size 5.5 inches, Luang Por Kan, Wat Khao Kaew, Bombay, Suphanburi. Another amulet is The divine medicine knife, ivory handle – ivory sheath, size 5.5 inches, Luang Por Kan, Wat Khao Kaew, Mueang District, Nakhon Sawan Province, made according to the recipe for the divine medicine knife of Wat Khao Kaeo. This is the same technique that Luang Pho Derm successfully completed, leading to the creation of his famous divine medicine knife, which is now very difficult to find. The price is expensive, hundreds of thousands, even millions. So fetishists turned to seeking them. Divine Sword The most outstanding direct disciple creator is that of Luang Por Kan, Wat Khao Kaew, at a price that is affordable. For example, this handle of Mr. Bombay Suphan, which looks like a “pen” knife, made by a Chinese craftsman in the early period, is an ivory handle with an ivory sheath, size 5.5 inches, similar in shape to Luang Phor Derm’s knife. The difference is that the blade is stainless steel, stamped with the incantation “Khuthut 7 Baek”, which reads “Bhasam Samwi Sathe Bhaa, Narayana throws the discus, crucifies the Triple World”, equally intense and powerful. But it’s still available and the cost is much cheaper. Beeswax cartridge (green, wooing a girl) Luang Phor Thap, Wat Krabok Kuen Phueng, of Natthan Maneerat. Today, to please the amulet lovers, another item is a saffron cartridge (green, wooing a girl), Phra Khru Atthakowit ( Luang Pho Thap) Wat Krabok Khuan Phueng, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province, he is a monk. Teacher Muang Rayong Famous for its intense and magical magic. Contemporary with Luang Pu Tim of Wat Lahan Rai because he was a student who studied from the same master’s school. and are around the same age Therefore, they became close friends with the Sahamiktham monks who loved each other very much. He created famous amulets, talismans, and sacred objects, such as Phra Somdet Pim Nak Lang To. Phra Khun Phaen Songphon first generation coin Fabric talisman, fan wave and wax (Khiew Kiaw Sao) that has famed power. The side of kindness finds charm. It is your greatest and most wonderful gift, but the recipient must promise that when it is effective in courting young women, it must be well cared for and not thrown away. before being given a lump of wax the size of a match head which includes a silver takrud, an alms bowl lid takrud, and a parasitic wood sarika placed in a complete set like this one by Sia Natthan Maneerat, which nowadays it is hard to find a complete set like this. Coming to the final story that is told. To Sia Kanitphon, an accountant who went to a gathering of accountants of the same generation. After a hilarious greeting Eat and drink at Came to form a band with a group of close friends I know that today Sia Kanitphon has a stable status, a happy, perfect family, and doesn’t have to work as hard as he did when he first graduated. His friends remember when he flirted with his girlfriend, who was the daughter of a big Buddha master at that time. I have to please my father-in-law. Earn money to rent Buddha amulets to keep. So he had to work day and night. No matter how much money he earned, he rented it all out to his father-in-law in order to please his father-in-law. Thus, he has received many amulets until today. More than twenty years have passed. The friend asked teasingly, I heard news that I have a good wife. Help build a stable family quickly. Is it true that you don’t have to work as hard as you did in the days when you were courting? Sia Kanitphon answered that actually his wife didn’t help much. But I got my father-in-law to work instead. Because when flirting We believe the old saying Enter through an adult. Knowing that he only had a father who was a big buddha expert, his mother had passed away, so he had to go through his father’s way. Hurry up to work to earn money to rent the monk-to-be father-in-law. until becoming a large customer Father-in-law’s face brightened. When the party praises that a good son-in-law has become a customer Earn money easily, so you get a lot of good monks. Most of them are Benjapakee monks. Even though I never liked it, I never cared about it. Spent nearly ten million. But I think it’s worth it. When he gave his daughter to Sia Kanitphon, he continued that after that he gradually stopped renting monks. Look forward to work. You have to work hard as usual. I just became comfortable and had an income without realizing it 5-6 years ago because my father-in-law started coming to ask to rent back the Buddha amulets, two at a time. At first, he agreed to sell it back for a price worth the interest as he said in an arrogant manner until he understood that amulets were difficult to sell. The price depends on the buyer and the profit isn’t much, but as he comes more often he becomes concerned that there might be something more to this as an accountant. See it as a business matter So went out to explore the Buddha amulet market. We know that the price of amulets today is countless times higher than twenty years ago. And most importantly, the owner of the amulet sets the price. So he began to correct his father-in-law. Set the price of every amulet according to the market price, making a profit from selling all the amulets, invested 10 million, returned 80 million from the father-in-law, paid for the house and car payments, still had 50 million left over to save. Friends listened and cried out loudly. One person blurted out and asked, And father-in-law didn’t mind or Sia Kanitphon replied that he wouldn’t dare say that. Because I said that it is the cost price plus interest as you have calculated–the difference is only in the interest that is calculated as the interest on loans outside the system. Oh my goodness, Amitta Buddha. Sika Ang, click to read more about the “Sanam Phra” column.