Monday, 17 June 2024

The sword returned in response.

19 May 2024

News “shaking the bottle” this weekend Differences of opinion in society are considered normal and within that normality Unforeseen events may also occur because people’s thoughts and beliefs are individual. It depends on where the belief comes from, how and why. What is the purpose of the death of “Bung Talu Wang” or “Netiporn Sanae Sangkhom”, a political activist? at Thammasat Hospital After being taken from prison for further treatment But his condition was severe and his life could not be saved. “Bung” was arrested for the crime. Section 112. Initially, this matter must be examined to make it clear what the cause of death was. With transparency for basic information It will lead to the fact that the person died for sure before talking about other matters that will definitely follow because before death is the responsibility of the Department of Corrections. As the accused, was the care taken according to standards or not, or was there something hidden that led to the death because the deceased was a political activist? It will surely be of interest to Thai people and foreigners. As has been reported in the news around the world, the issue is that they are political prisoners! Moreover, there are issues that cause conflict regarding Section 112 related to the institution. Thai society has different opinions on this matter. Of course, everyone does not want this to happen. But we must respect and honor the deceased who decided to protest by going on a hunger strike. In the hope that his thoughts and beliefs will be responded to, the issue of Section 112 is considered an important topic in Thai politics that has “advanced” by raising this issue to the point where he cannot step up to the Prime Minister’s chair. Even though he won the number one election because the senators with power voted against it and in the next few days The Constitutional Court will decide on the offense of subverting the government that “Going Forward” proposes to amend or repeal this section. In addition, amending the Constitution is the same. When “Going Forward” sees that the entire amendment should not exclude any section. Section one, especially the section related to “Institutions” but other political parties Almost every party agrees that this is one thing that should be exempted…another thing is that The Amnesty Act is currently being considered in detail. There were different opinions. “Move Forward” agreed that cases of violations of Section 112 should be included as well, but other political parties. I don’t agree, but when the incident of “Bung”‘s death occurred, “Moving forward” and activists who have the same approach probably agree that it should be able to facilitate successful results, but with all political situations like this. Therefore, it is aimed at the government of “Settha Thaweesin”, the Prime Minister, and “Pheu Thai” because they must take responsibility for what has happened. Various demands Therefore, he rushed to the government to solve the problem. There is even the matter of “bailing” the accused in the case. Section 112 has already said that “Pheu Thai” is in a difficult situation, no different from the one in which they pressured the past government, which is to change from one position to another. We must not forget that “Thaksin” who has influence over the government, I have to take responsibility for this matter and still have a Section 112 case with me. If I accept every offer, I won’t refuse it, which may cause problems. Because we don’t know how strong the resistance will be, our burden is no different from “The Spear of Return”. Whatever you do, karma is chasing you!”Destiny Jongsakul”Click to read column More “Sunday shuffle”