Monday, 17 June 2024

Arrest of a thief fortune teller claiming to be a deity and defrauding him by transferring money to perform a merit-making ceremony to cure karma.

20 May 2024

Metropolitan Police detectives catch up with Chakkri Chiang Mai, a swindler in the guise of a fortune teller. Get rid of bad luck after posting on Facebook claiming to be able to communicate with the gods in heaven. If the victim is fooled, he will say bad luck. Money must be transferred to perform a merit making ceremony. Prices start from 199 baht to hundreds of thousands of baht. But after transferring the money, contact will be cut off immediately. He confessed that over 100 victims were believed to have been doing this for 2 years. A history check found another 4 fraudulent warrants in the same way. A fortune teller forgot to tell his own fortune that he would have bad luck to the point of being arrested by the police. Revealed at 1:30 p.m. on May 19, Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thamsuthee, Commander-in-Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol. Col. Worapoj Rungkrajang, P. Pol. Lt. Col. Chakrawut Klainin, Superintendent of News Analysis and Special Equipment, Royal Thai Police, Police Lieutenant Colonel Patcharaphong Kanchanawatsri, Lt. Col. Nithi Piyaphan, Deputy Director News analysis committee and special tools, Royal Thai Police Headquarters Police Lieutenant Colonel Thewarathip Chuduang, news analysis committee member. Police Lieutenant Peerakiat Siriruthaiwattana, Deputy Superintendent of News Analysis Police Lieutenant Narongsak Sanithai, Police Lieutenant Natthaphong Saisuk, Group Commander, News Analysis and Special Equipment Division, Royal Thai Police, News Analysis Division, etc. Leading forces to arrest Mr. Suwatchai Chiang Mai, 37 years old, or “Chakkri Chiang Mai”, located at 311/350 UD Line Condo. Huai Khwang District and District, Bangkok, according to an arrest warrant from the North Bangkok District Court No. 152/2024, dated March 21, 2024, on charges of fraud and jointly importing into the computer system counterfeit computer data, whether in whole or in part, or false information into the computer in any way. that is likely to cause damage to others Arrested at Golden Place Shop, Ngamwongwan Road, Lat Yao Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, late on the 18th of May. This arrest was due to the suspect using a Facebook page named Jakree Chaengmai (Jakree Chaengmai) to receive views. Horoscope, when the victim is interested in devising a strategy that Those affected by bad luck must exorcise their karma through a brahmin ceremony. and claims to be able to communicate with the gods in heaven and will perform a ceremony to reclaim merit and correct karma. Starting with viewing at a price of 199 baht, then there will be a multi-step ceremony. If you want good fortune, have the victim transfer money to perform the ceremony. Starting from a few hundred The number increases to thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands. When the victim asks about the ceremony, they will avoid or cut off contact with the victim. From the investigation, the accused confesses. Deceived victims for 2 years, with hundreds of victims believing Damage is in the hundreds to hundreds of thousands of baht. But the wealth of the victims Checking the criminal history, the suspect has four other fraud warrants in the same manner: Nakhon Ratchasima District Court arrest warrant No. 24/2024, dated 1 January 2024, Minburi Criminal Court arrest warrant No. 206/2023, dated 3 March 2023, Samut Prakan Court arrest warrant no. 141/2023 down Date 28 February 2023 and 4. Arrest warrant from Chiang Mai District Court. Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thammasutee, commander of the Royal Thai Police, said that there is a policy to investigate and track criminals who cause suffering to the people through deception. There are many forms. Relying on superstition, please don’t believe it so as not to become a victim. Even though it is a case where there is not much damage But if it’s a case where people are in trouble, we act immediately in accordance with the policy of Pol. Gen. Kittirat Phanphet, RTA Commander-in-Chief of the Police, and Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng, Commander-in-Chief of the Police. Before taking the accused to the investigating officer at Huai Khwang Police Station for further prosecution, read All “Thairath newspaper columns” here