Monday, 17 June 2024

Clarifies the “La Bu Boo” talisman, denies following the trend of people getting tattoos, both positive and negative, ignoring the drama.

20 May 2024

“Ajarn Am Sriphromyan” Khum Setthi Muen Yantra Clarifying the concept of the “La Bu Bu” tattoo, rejecting the trend, revealing that the tattoo was given to her younger sister as the first and only person in the world. Point out Buddhist virtues of charm – kindness – good fortune Giving a hint after getting a tattoo, his younger sister said that the business was very successful on May 19, 2024. Reporters reported that From the case of the Facebook page named “seeharat๘๙” shares a picture of a “Labubu” talisman tattoo with characters on a woman’s arm. Posted on social media until it was criticized. The reporter therefore traveled to meet with Ajarn Am Sriphromyan Khum Setthi Muen Yan. Sak Yant Office “Ajarn Siharat Muenyan” the owner of the said post. While traveling to make merit by offering Pha Pa Samakkhi To raise funds to build the image of Pu Thao Wessuwan Thanabadi of Sap. At Non Phayom Temple, Phayu Subdistrict, Phayu District, Sisaket Province, Achan Am Sri Brahmayan revealed that He has been practicing tattoos for at least 20 years and has both Thai and foreign students. In total, more than tens of thousands of people The beginning is that his daughter likes Labuboo. He had never known Labubu before. So there was an idea that if we took Labubu and made it into a talisman to finish it off, would it be better or not? and saw other people doing it online. So we took it and wrote it in the form of a Labubu talisman with our own style of characters. Then add Labuboo’s pattern to the money bag pattern. to be alienated from him Then enter the mantra that the teacher had taught you. In fact, the teachers had not taught anything about Labubu before. He was the person who came to add and compose it himself. Then take the spells of great charm and good fortune and assemble them into character patterns. Then I took a photo and sent it to the family group LINE. His younger sister saw that she was strangely beautiful and wanted to get a tattoo. So he got the tattoo for his younger sister first. Then put it in a clip on social media until it became a trend like this:”As for the Buddhist virtues of the Labubu talisman, it is related to great charm, kindness, popularity, and good fortune. Once the tattoo was completed, it appeared that there was a response. It was well received, with many people liking, sharing, and commenting. He therefore thought that Labubu also had the charm of bringing money and gold. I’m not saying this to make people ignorant. But it’s a strategy to think about. And he didn’t follow any trends because he didn’t know Labubu originally. I just found out from my son recently” Professor Am. Said Master Am. Revealed that From the said case, I would like to inform you initially that The teacher’s office is the only office in Thailand that can check horoscope bases. or perform various rituals Before getting a tattoo As for the Labubu yantra pattern, it is considered a special yantra. With the daughter’s liking So I carved it into a Labubu talisman and posted it on my family’s group line. My younger sister saw it and liked it and adapted it. and got the first tattoo for his younger sister and the only person in the world right now and put a picture of his younger sister with a Labo Boo tattoo on Tiktok There were many people who saw the picture on Tik Tok and were interested in calling to inquire.”The teacher must explain to the person who will get the tattoo first. Regarding the style of the tattoo With the beliefs and preferences of each person whether it is an example of letters, lines and various colors Previously set specific teacher values ​​were based on lines and characters. As for the Labubu tattoo design, The teacher has not yet set up a teacher. As for the person with the Laboo tattoo, she is the teacher’s younger sister. I work as my own business, trading. After getting a tattoo, I feel very good. I do good business and have continuously increasing number of customers. Talking about the trends during this period, we admit that there are both positives and negatives. The positive trend is people who already know the teacher’s identity well, that the teacher is a good person and acts rightly. As for the negative trend, the teacher will not think about it or pay attention. Because our minds are already high. will not be thought of or cared for There are two teachers’ offices: Setthi Muen Yan School, Nonthaburi Province, and Khum Muen Yan School. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province The students will know the teacher very well. and is personal preference Next week I will also travel to Dubai for tattooing,” said Professor Am.