Monday, 17 June 2024

Common position between the two superpowers (1)

20 May 2024

Meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. in beijing last week It is considered to be a statement of standpoint to the international community. Especially Western nations saw that world politics game After this, it will not be the same again with both leaders declaring a common position. With details of more than 8,000 words (English), the main idea can be summarized as follows: First, Russia-China will jointly build “New World Order” in a world with many power poles Today people in different countries are more connected to each other. No country should be unilaterally entitled to its own security. And if looking at the current world political situation We consider it necessary to find ways to build a sustainable security system in Eurasia. Within the framework of equality and non-discrimination, the vision of a new world order There is also an important principle that There will be a world order without concepts. “New Colonial Hegemony” and “Unilateral Hegemony” Every country has the independent right to develop its own country, whether in politics, economics, or society, based on the will of its own people. and the basic conditions of that country Ready to oppose interference in internal affairs Oppose unilateral sanctions that ignore the UN Security Council. In addition, Russia-China will want to protect the results of World War II and the post-war world order that was created because of the United Nations Charter’s unilateral influence. It is considered an idea that goes against the world trend. We condemn any attempt by any country to transform the world order into a “rules-based” order. Russia-China calls on the relevant countries or organizations to Stop implementing confrontational policies. Interfering in the internal affairs of other countries undermines structural stability provoking tension in the region. The position also makes clear that we oppose any actions by the United States that attempt to change the balance of power in Northeast Asia. By expanding military power and establishing military alliances A United States clinging to Cold War ideas Still giving importance to the stability of their own small group. more than the security and stability of the region, which is considered a danger to the security of all countries in the region We call on the United States to stop this practice now that space has run out. More details will be discussed tomorrow. Pak Kret click to read column More “Window on the World”