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Election Commission urges people to run for 200 senators: sets up a strategy to catch fraud-corruption.

20 May 2024

Circumstances that show signs of believing that “Hua” the Election Commission is even more closely monitoring, Mr. Itthiphon Boonprakong, Chairman of the Election Commission (ECT), answers the questions of society that questions the process of selecting senators. There is a group of people preparing to violate the constitution and the Act on the acquisition of assets. Senators, even though the Constitution Drafting Committee 60 intended to design “innovative ideas” for a new system to avoid the weaknesses of the direct election system for senators and the appointment system. Senators come back to face the big checkpoint “Hua”. This is considered a big homework matter. The Election Commission is determined and determined to prevent it from happening. How protective it can be, time will tell. Ask all parties to help be the eyes and ears, refrain, abandon, and do the right thing, starting with basic information that should be known, such as “selected by the people who apply – applicants choose among themselves.” Who has the right to apply? How is it divided into 20 occupational groups? Apply in groups where people have experience. You can apply for only one district. Qualifications of the person who signs to certify the applicant Open as wide as possible. Applicants are independent You don’t have to rely on anyone. Open to choosing a reasonable certifier. Credible in the eyes of the applicant, assuming he has been playing music for 15 years at a pub in Chiang Mai Province, taking musicians or customers who come to listen to music regularly. Can sign to certify history Not to the point of getting the provincial governor to sign the certification or having a reporter. A Thairath journalist applied to meet Mr. Pramet Lekphet, former president of the Thai Journalists Association. And the reporter of Thairath newspaper signed the certificate and it became reliable enough until 24 May ’24 was the last day to apply. Applications close immediately. The Election Commission updates the names of candidates in every district and every group to the “Smart Vote – Election Commission website” that day or at the latest the next day. The public can go and see the qualification verification section. Prohibited characteristics It is expected that there will be 100,000 applicants. The examination will begin as soon as the application is received. The Election Commission collects and sends to relevant agencies. Initially, it takes 5 days from the application closing date. If still not found to be unqualified The names were announced. The next day, upload your name, picture, history, experience, and professional group to apply. In SmartVote, lawyers began to observe that assuming there were 100,000 applicants, there were requests to examine the “certifiers” of 50,000 applicants as unreasonable. Causing the selection of senators to be chaotic, the announcement of results being delayed or the selection being invalid, Mr. Itthiphon said it would not be to that extent. Because the applicant is the main character The certifier is a component. This makes the application more reliable if it is detected as a fake certifier. The applicant must be held liable. “It is unreasonable and difficult to consider. Because the qualifications of the certifier are not specified. If the qualifications of the certifier are specified There were more people who came to petition and let the candidates choose for themselves. It is a convenience. If you think anyone is reasonable, have them sign the certificate. The chance of someone complaining may be less. I emphasize that this is in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution. Want applicants to be free Apply for a career that you are good at. There is an application fee of 2,500 baht, not a lot, not a little. There are no other expenses, the more people apply. Applicants must take care of their own interests and see who cheats. Various forms of wrongdoing are even more difficult. It makes the scam more difficult.” Up until now, the Election Commission has been keeping an eye on specific situations. Mr. Itthiphon said that he asked that whatever he does be done should not run the risk of breaking the law because the Election Commission has an inspection process with a rapid moving team in conjunction with police and line officials. Investigator – News Department – Election Inspector – Local mechanisms Subdistrict Democracy and Election Promotion Center (P.C.C.) all over the country – villages do not sell their votes – cyber police work with the investigative team to inquire As a cyber force, we now start to look and smell. If there’s news, we have to go look for it. By giving homework Anything that is talked about must be looked at, especially those that talk about grouping – choosing groups. Senator: “The act of cheating is not like giving away money. The group of Hua applicants spent quite a bit of Hua money. If it were an outside capital group, they might be ready to fight. I don’t know how much to invest. But I don’t want to say that. It has to be a group, talk, make an appointment, use a phone application and have a record of who called who. If you check within 3 months and the system still hasn’t been put down, don’t think that The SEC cannot keep up. If there are cyber issues, cyber police are also included in the investigation team. Although it is not easy to chase after a mouse, the perpetrator may be one step behind. But wrongdoing is a process. continuous action In the end, they might be caught. So don’t think, don’t do, the rules are designed not to cause a fuss. Don’t be angry.” No matter what form you choose, The Election Commission took all the action because the rules did not allow for mutual agreement. “You must choose based on qualifications.” For example, in the 2018 case, Senate candidates telephoned each other, “If you run for me, I will run for you.” This is considered a joke. The evidence has a phone that says this. Sent the court to sentence Scope to require them to introduce themselves, such as calling Applicant A and saying, “I join the arts, culture, music, etc. group. I’m good at playing the guitar. I saw Applicant B playing the guitar as well. I’ll send you the song to see how I play it. If you think it’s good, please leave me in your heart.” Introducing yourself like this is not a problem. There is a process to recruit people to run. to go in and choose the people of the main house that uses symbols Suppose you are wearing jewelry of that color or this color. Mr. Itthiphon said that if you find it, it will be a process. Just look at the CCTV camera. Closed-circuit TV at all times during the selection. Starting point 928 districts may not be visible to the human eye. But the pineapple’s eye is a camera. to check behavior What are the facts that indicate a violation of the law, A-B-C-D, and deceit? Compromise with the Election Commission requires cooperation from all sectors. The best weapon is the people who can come and investigate. including the public sector And there are also private organizations that come to inspect. The more the better. I would like to say again and invite the public that Elections at all levels The Election Commission has a reward for pointing out corruption. By witnessing a corruption incident, report it to the Election Commission with information, evidence, and the court decides on punishment. Those who provide information are entitled to receive a reward of 1 million baht. In the past, many people have already received it. But no one has received 1 million baht yet. The inspection mechanism is much more intense than before. How does the Election Commission keep a special eye on political party networks? That there are some parties starting to have a situation where they choose senators, even though many parties have declared that they are not involved in the selection of senators, Mr. Itthiphon said that Already watching, political parties have announced great intentions. It indicates that you will not make mistakes. But if the facts appear that the party made a mistake Must be liable according to the law on acquisition of senators and liable according to the Political Party Act. which is designed not to be dominated In order to be involved with applicants in a progressive selection system at the district level, provincial level, and country level, how does the Election Commission have to adjust its proactive strategy? Because the Hua movement started at the district level, Mr. Itthiphon said that these behaviors would not be done just once. Let’s start with news about the candidates. and others involved, the number set at the district level, if passed, is 55,000 people, plus in case anyone continues to engage in behavior that violates the law. It may not be difficult to trace it all the way to the provincial level. The information that the Election Commission has is gradually being collected. Anything that is suspicious must be kept a special eye on the normal practice of the Election Commission sending election inspectors to the area. It becomes more intense in order when a small number of people will be able to keep an eye on it more easily. Hua 3 levels must be done 3 times. Continuous behavior becomes narrower. The Election Commission must keep an eye more and more intense to get representatives of the Thai people according to the constitution. Political team, click to read the column. More “Political Analysis”