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low orbit satellite Upgrade..high speed internet

20 May 2024

Thai universities cooperate with Chinese private companies Pilot study project “High-speed internet via low-orbit satellites” is another good news that is second to none in the Thai engineering education circle. Because it can create success and see concrete results. With only a few months under “Telecommunications Research Project of the Low Earth Orbit Satellite Group” that has trialled the system “Mini-Spider” aims to create knowledge Development…use in both “service providers”…”service users” trial use of 6 satellites, with plans to launch more than 400 satellites to cover signals all over the world. Destination…in order to use the internet with the highest speed and stability, the mini-spider system is like a device that carries the internet from one point to another in a radius of more than 1,000 km without the need to run signal cables. I just want to have an open space to see the sky. There is an electrical supply system. (home electricity) even though there is no ground signal transmission tower You don’t have to be afraid of anything blocking the signal. Whether the area is a wilderness, a mountain, or a vast sea… Satellite signals can reach without limitations. The important thing…is the potential for very high speed and response. By transmitting via low-orbit satellite, 500 km. from the earth. The data transmission distance is shorter than that of geostationary orbit satellites…the more it can be increased. “Nakhon Ratchasima University of Technology (MUT)” collaborates with Galaxy Space Company, a satellite manufacturer and also a satellite service provider. for internet High technology has been used to build the first and only Gateway station in Thailand…to be installed within the university. Ready to bring a client station named… Mahanakorn University of Technology has been interested in space technology since the university’s inception until the present. Ever built a satellite with your own personnel? Continuously develop space technology Both upstream parts are ground station systems. Downstream, bringing “data” from satellites to use in various activities, knowledge…plus direct experience and in-depth skills. It is an important reason for this cooperation. Peter Huang, Director of International Business Development, Galaxy Space, said that our business approach aims to grow together with domestic entrepreneurs. This is a beneficial cooperation…a win-win for all parties. Importantly, this project will be an important foundation for promoting “New Space Economy” that is very beneficial to Thailand. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Panwee Phokhaiyudom, President of Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT), said that the NBTC has allowed us to use A channel in this high frequency band (Q/V) is considered new…this frequency band has never been used in Thailand before, which can transmit more data in 1 second. Has high response sensitivity…very stable “Preliminary network testing We have a maximum download speed of 250 megabits per second and a maximum upload speed of 210 megabits per second…transmitting data quickly, watching 4K videos, and talking via video calls without glitches.” The NBTC has approved us. This project can be tested in 7 sandbox areas…Chiang Rai, Phitsanulok, Chainat, Nakhon Nayok, Rayong, Phuket…for a period of 1 year and 5 years for the Bangkok area, Mahanakorn University, Nong Chok District. It is interesting that…we can use the internet. of Thai operators sent up to satellites and distributed to network stations. This allows users connected to the client station to be able to use the internet and emphasizes that…the equipment used to install the system has very high technological value. There are 2 parts…the large dish gateway will take the internet signal from Thai operators send it up to the satellite and broadcast the signal back down to earth at a distance of not less than 1,000 kilometers from the installation point. There will be another device called a user terminal or client station that will receive the internet signal on the ground. This device can be installed in any area for those who want to use the internet. It’s as if the user is using the internet from the gateway station….Thailand area. Only 1 gateway point is required and it can be widely distributed. But for the continuity and stability of the signal, there should be at least 2 points regarding the user terminal technique. One set may be connected to the existing 5G signal antenna system network that is already distributed. You can continue using the internet signal. Relying on signals from the satellite system to add coverage. In practice, if the systems are connected together “Internet users via telephone signal” will not know where the signal is coming from. If you use a SIM card from any company, it will show “5G” from that company, but you may use the receiver set from this satellite system as well. “What will happen in the future is the integration of the old and new systems together…bringing the advantages of each system to be reinforced. complement each other To distribute the internet signal to cover every square inch of Thailand thoroughly.” Suppose there is a user terminal in each sub-district. In a village with 50 people, they use one and spread the Wi-Fi signal out…this area, this population. Probably no company will invest because it is not worth it. But this technology is an important alternative. If it really happened The future…Thai people will be able to use the internet at a cheaper price. It covers more and can transmit more data than the problems that exist…before it reaches widespread use. What we need to do is study. Do an experiment to test the signal. NBTC knows what the signal transmission speed is like. Experiment in various weather conditions. Does not interfere with other service providers’ signals And Thai people…how will Thailand benefit? “Speed” is a key challenge…the faster it is, the more we have to focus on technology at this point…let’s know that this technology is important Especially the integration of knowledge education… producing and developing personnel in satellite and communications. We give importance to this area of ​​research because we see the importance of the potential of Thai people and Thailand in competing in space technology. which has high economic returns “Human resource development, which is already a university’s expertise, will be able to raise the ability of the Thai population to be able to compete at the international level. which Galaxy Space is happy to cooperate with Ready to transfer knowledge and join in developing space technology within Thailand.” The important point is that…even though in the future the owner of the technology will be gone, But people who are still in Thailand still have knowledge. Have experience…that came from research Develop personnel within the satellite center at the university. For students, we integrate satellite knowledge into the basic subjects they study. Therefore, career engineers who have a bachelor’s degree will have knowledge about satellites. Software used Have enough basic knowledge to pursue specialized studies in this subject or use it to benefit your career. If you choose to study a master’s degree or doctorate in this field, you will be able to work…learn, create, and apply information. “The future of internet via satellite may go further than expected. One mobile phone can connect to the whole world…can connect directly to satellites as if receiving signals straight from the sky. Receive anytime, no matter where you are in the world. It will dramatically transform information connectivity for end users,” Associate Professor Dr. Panwee Phokhaiudom concluded. Click to read more in the column “Scoop Page 1”.