Monday, 17 June 2024

“Thai people” are good at English, from “Bewkin” to “Warawut”

20 May 2024

I’m a YouTube fan. One program is from The Standard, an online news agency. which has quite a lot of fans in this era. The name of the program is “Kham This Dee” or abbreviated to KND in English letters… It is an English interview program. By the host named Poomchai Bunsinsuk or “Big” who will invite interesting people to talk and tell stories. What he or she is doing is in English and the program will end by asking the guest to answer a special question: “What is this good word” from the guest? I have been listening to it for a long time. and secretly admired the many guests who came to give interviews in English Being able and skilled in using English is a good sign for our country. That we need more people who are good at English in order to completely “go international” in the future, the first person that I am very impressed with. I couldn’t imagine that this young man could speak English so well. Even though I have never seriously studied abroad. Aside from occasionally attending summer courses or short courses, the university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree was a Thai university, namely Thammasat University. which if I remember correctly The young man is said to have graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. (International Course) Mention his name and the new generation of people will probably scream loudly… “Noom Bikin” or Putthipong Assaratanakul, the star of the movie “Lan Ma” that just made 300 million baht. baht all over Thailand last month. Bikin speaks English very well, at a deep level. He can express his thoughts and opinions in such a way that it is unbelievable that the “heroes” of the new generation of movies have such good English skills. Use words at a medium level to a high level harmoniously. Another guest that I like very much is a “translator” or interpreter, a type called Simultaneous, which means instantaneous translation…mostly used in seminars. Or in various international meetings, when the speaker or panelist speaks in English, she (Nong Fah) will translate it into Thai. and in the case of speaking in Thai She would translate it into English word for word. Nowadays, such translators or interpreters are mostly used in large conferences and seminars. The participants included both foreigners and Thais. What was remarkable was that this young female translator had never studied abroad before. But I’m very interested in English. Introduce yourself as a primary school student from Watthana School, middle school from Triam Udom Pattanakarn, high school from Triam Udom Suksa. and universities from the Faculty of Arts Chulalongkorn University, but can translate instantly and fluently. Now it’s coming to some politicians. This program has invited many people, but there are two people I would like permission to mention…the first is Mr. Warawut or Mr. “Top” Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security. At present, when Mr. Top came to give an interview, The Standard was still in Big Tu’s era. and holds the position of Minister of Natural Resources and the environment must accept that Mr. Top’s English is rated at an excellent level because he studied in both England and the United States. He studied in England from high school until he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. In the United States, I graduated with a master’s degree. When speaking, there is a mixture of a British accent and an American accent. It’s fun to listen to in another way. I like that Mr. Warawut gives interviews…because most of them talk about former Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa, making us know that “P’Banharn” (I’ve always called him like this) How to raise children And how do you plan a life for your only son? Another politician who speaks English very well. And just gave an interview a few days ago…The Standard should put it on YouTube before he travels abroad for 2 days, seeing as the current Prime Minister…“Economy Tha Thaweesin” That’s it… giving an interview at Government House over there… before running out of space. Don’t forget to follow tomorrow.”Zoom” Click to read the column. More “Hehapati”