Wednesday, 24 July 2024

“Sawaeng” reveals there are 2 districts without anyone applying for Senate – preparing to present the decision to the Election Commission on 27 May.

25 May 2024

Secretary of the Election Commission explains that he will move forward with the selection. The Senate did not affect the timeline after finding that 2 districts had no applicants at all. and many districts do not have applicants from all groups. Accepting few applicants Write a law that specs are too high Ready to present the judgment of the Administrative Court The Election Commission will consider this Monday, May 25, 2024, Mr. Sawaeng Bunmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission. Revealing the total number of candidates to be elected as senators after applications closed yesterday, they received an initial unofficial report from the Department of Provincial Administration that From 20 May 2024, the first day of application opening, until 24 May 2024, which is the last day of application. There were 48,226 applicants, with applicants having qualifications and not having prohibited characteristics. The preliminary examination was done on the day of application and all documents were complete. Therefore, a total of 48,117 people have been accepted first, which will be examined by the district selection director. Qualifications and prohibited characteristics in detail again whether to announce as a candidate or not within 5 days from the end of the application date There are applicants who have passed the initial examination and are admitted without qualifications and have prohibited characteristics. Therefore, 109 people were not accepted. Mr. Sawang said that there were many districts that did not have applicants for every group and initially there were 2 districts that did not have any applicants at all. and there were 7 districts that applied for only one group. In some districts, only one group applied. or no applicants at all or did not apply for all groups It does not affect timeline selections in any way. Because the law has already been written to support it in Section 19 and Section 40 that district level selection can be done. Even though there are not all groups of applicants, Which group has no applicants? Refrain from making selections in that group. and had no effect on selection in other groups. And in any district where there are no more than 5 groups of applicants, there is no need to arrange division. “The number of applicants may be less than estimated. Maybe because the qualifications are set high. Can’t find anyone to certify. Organizing into groups and groups is difficult to manage. Because the system is designed to protect it. both organizing and organizing to a certain extent Including the lack of incentives to apply as the selection system is complicated with many layers. Estimated number of applicants It should facilitate the administration of selection and control to make the selection possible smoothly,” Mr. Sawaeng said. Mr. Sawaeng also said that the Election Commission has facilitated the public to follow the list of candidates for Senate. District level, those selected at the district level, provincial level, and national level Through the Smart Vote application from May 25, 2024 at 10:00 p.m. onwards. As for measures to manage the scandal, Mr. Sawang revealed that the Election Commission has been keeping an eye on Follow every movement all the time. As for the people who reported that there was a hoax Notify information through the Pineapple Eye application or smart voting Or the office may send employees to request records from other sources as well. To make the selection honest and justly in cases where the Central Administrative Court has a judgment Regarding the ECT’s regulations regarding the introduction of candidates to be senators, the ECT’s office has reviewed the preliminary judgment and law. The said ECT’s regulations are still in effect according to Section 70 of the Act Establishing the Administrative Court, which states that in In the case of the judgment of the Administrative Court of First Instance Wait for compliance with the order until the appeal period has elapsed. or in the case of an appeal, wait for the execution of the case Until the case reaches its end and this office The Election Commission is not complacent. During the holiday, matters and opinions will be compiled and presented to the Election Commission on Monday and Tuesday. To provide clarity as a guideline for applicants and the media as soon as possible.