Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Thai durian, competitors in every direction, Musan King, ready to smash the market if quality is not maintained.

25 May 2024

Thai Monthong Durian Champion in exporting fresh durian to China Dominated the market for a long time With prices soaring making competitors like Vietnam Which has the advantage of geography to market more. Malaysia’s “Musan King” is a dark horse that is ready to break into the fresh durian export market in China. If the champion exports golden pillows It has not maintained its quality as number one in the world for a long time, but today, when surrounding countries have turned to become competitors, aggressively invading the Chinese market, how long will Thai durian maintain its championship? On average, Thai durian is exported to China. 20,000 tons per day. Currently, the price of exported durian is gradually increasing. climb higher The average price is 140-150 baht per kilogram. The president of the Thai Fruit Traders and Exporters Association confirmed that Thailand is the export champion in the Chinese market. If comparing the quantity Vietnam is still far behind. Because there is less planting space But what is worrisome is The quality of Vietnamese durian is starting to overtake. As for the Thai market, it is expected that this year You will be able to eat durian cheaper than last year. Watch the full clip :