Monday, 17 June 2024

“Seththa” believes that the issue of “Thaksin” being sued under Section 112 does not affect the government – the PAD will ask the question himself.

29 May 2024

“Seththa” believes that the issue of “Thaksin” being sued under Section 112 does not affect the government. Does it affect Pheu Thai? We have to ask each other. We accept that it may affect the feelings of the Pheu Thai Party leader. He emphasizes that he respects the justice process. Never talked about going into the area together. On May 29 at 5:35 p.m. at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Prime Minister Settha Thavisin gave an interview about the Attorney General’s order to sue former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in the case. Section 112 and allowed the postponement of meeting with the prosecutor until 18 June 2024 after Mr. Thaksin did not come to meet with the prosecutor as scheduled. Because he was sick with Covid, that he had said all along. Whether it is their own case that is in the Constitutional Court He respects the justice process. About various details Reporters also know that He didn’t want to say much. You must also respect the judicial system. As for Mr. Thaksin himself Now it has entered the justice process. It is the duty of the defense to explain clearly. I would like to request that the process be brought to justice and according to the correct procedures. As for Mr. Thaksin being infected with Covid Haven’t called yet. Because he is still on a mission in Hong Kong. Didn’t talk at all when asked Is it a blow to the morale of people in the Pheu Thai Party (PAT)? Mr. Settha said he didn’t know, so he had to ask people in the Pheu Thai Party. For his part, he has a duty to continue working. When asked, he cannot deny that the Pheu Thai Party, the government, and Mr. Thaksin are the same group. When this case happens, will it affect the government’s image or not? Mr. Settha said he believes it will not. But if you ask whether it will affect the Pheu Thai Party or not, you have to ask yourself. But in terms of individuals, it affected the minds of the Pheu Thai Party leaders. which in terms of political parties In terms of government In terms of Mr. Thaksin He said that the differences were clear when asked that in the past the Prime Minister had plans to visit the area together with Mr. Thaksin. Must it be stopped or not? Mr. Settha said it is a matter of the future. When will it be in 1 or 2 years? I’m not sure. I don’t know if I ask him. But he came out and he became Prime Minister. It was never discussed that There will be a field visit at the same time. Had to use this word “never” which he didn’t know. Does Mr. Thaksin have such intentions? Will he suddenly assume that Mr. Thaksin Wanting to go to the area with him is not right. But I can confirm that Since you came out And since he became Prime Minister We never talked about this matter.