Monday, 17 June 2024

Thawee confirms that the OSO ordered charges against Thaksin, Section 112, has no effect on his suspended sentence, pointing out that other people went more frequently.

29 May 2024

“Thavee” Minister of Justice confirms that the OSO orders charges against “Thaksin” Section 112 has no effect on the suspended sentence. Tell others more often After the media asked about visiting the area so often that he was infected with Covid, he explained that the DSO is an independent organization. “Thaksin” is infected with Covid and does not need to be sent to a doctor at the correctional hospital or police hospital. Went to inspect on 29 May 2024. Police Colonel Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice, mentioned the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister. who is currently suspended from prison Not going to listen to the lawsuit order at the Attorney General’s Office Claiming that the reason was that he was infected with COVID-19 at the Royal Correctional Hospital. and police hospital Is it necessary to send a doctor to check on the symptoms? Is the Ministry of Justice the agency that will take care of them after the verdict? When the court decides, there will be a warrant of detention. The judicial process of the judgment belongs to the police in the case where Mr. Thaksin was sued in different parts. Now the Office of the Attorney General is an independent organization. Must work quickly The Ministry of Justice is therefore not involved. If anything happens after the judgment is made The Ministry of Justice will then take responsibility for that part. which the work of the Ministry Still adhering to the principle that as long as the court has not ruled, he is still considered innocent. As for the case of Mr. Thaksin traveling to the provinces. During the period of imprisonment until being infected with Covid, will there be any restrictions on travel? Police Colonel Thawee stated that there will be conditions for the suspension of the sentence. If the practice is contradictory or contradictory The Probation Department will notify you. But as far as we know, Mr. Thaksin has not violated the conditions that have been noted. Not staying in the designated area too often Police Colonel Thawee stated that he may have gone to fewer places than others. Because there is information that Other people go more frequently. because of the suspension If you want to go anywhere, it depends. Will the Probation Director in the district give permission? In the case where Mr. Thaksin is ordered to file a 112 case by the prosecutor, will this affect the suspension of his sentence or not? Police Colonel Thawee stated that it had no effect because Thaksin was still considered innocent.