Monday, 17 June 2024

“Settha” dies in shallow water

20 May 2024

Still living abroad, but it must have been exciting when 40 senators submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to decide whether the appointment of ministers was legal or not? There were 2 respondents: 1. “Settha Thavisin” Prime Minister 2. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Just recently got appointed, the point is Regarding the qualities of “Pichit” that are derived from “Bag of snacks of great danger” when he acted as a lawyer for “Thaksin Shinawatra” it appeared that “Pichit” handed a bag of snacks to a court official. The problem was that it was not an ordinary bag of snacks. But the money was put in that bag to pay as a “bribe” to someone whose name was not specified, causing Mr. Pichit to have a dishonest behavior and bribe the justice system. And there was a matter brought to the Lawyers Council to have his name removed from being a lawyer. Therefore it is evident and there are also violations Serious non-compliance with ethical standards. This matter had already been protested before the appointment order! But the Prime Minister sent the decree matter for consideration and confirmed that there was no problem. Therefore, he signed a signature appointing “Pichit” to the position of minister. This makes the Prime Minister responsible for this fact, even though the opinion of the decree indicates that his qualifications are not a problem. But the behavior that appears invites society to be suspicious. and saw that there was probably an offense because the facts had clearly become apparent, but the Prime Minister still appointed them with confidence that the decree’s consideration did not lack qualifications, making the senators, even though their terms had already expired, But he is still acting and has complete authority in all respects, so he filed a petition for the Constitutional Court to consider it a “throwback”. From now on, it will be up to the Constitutional Court to meet and consider whether to accept the petition for consideration or not. If there is a resolution to consider the Prime Minister. And Mr. Pichit had to stop performing his duties until there was a decision that one way or the other had passed. This was the agenda of someone who had more influence than the Prime Minister… because “Pichit” was considered to be a close friend who was more than a close friend. because it serves to defend various legal cases He also dared to put himself at risk for committing a crime. “Bag of snacks” if you don’t show goodwill in return with a ministerial position, you are too callous. The point is He is confident and confident that there will be no problems, so he has the Prime Minister sign off on the appointment, even though in fact he can find someone with expertise to take care of legal matters. But why would anyone do this? It’s still not predictable that the court How will the constitution be decided? If it’s positive, you’ll escape, but if it’s negative, “Seththa” has to fall off the chair according to the rules. Not being able to complete the 4-year term as desired, but politically it probably won’t be as smooth as desired! “Lightning Rod” Click to read the column. “Be bold” more