Monday, 17 June 2024

Establishment of the new Russian leadership team

16 May 2024

Putin has been Prime Minister of Russia (2 terms), Acting President (1 term), and elected President (5 terms), for a total of 25 years as leader. Someone once asked me, Who will be president after Putin? Where Putin is positioned, people look to Denis Valentinovich Manturov, who was Minister of Industry and Trade for 12 years. Manturov has traveled to Thailand. Police Lieutenant Colonel Doctor Nitipoomthanat Mingrujiralai Had the opportunity to chat privately with him for many hours. After the conversation, Dad told everyone that Manturov has a chance to become president after Putin. Manturov was born in 1969, graduated from the Faculty of Sociology. Moscow University The latest Russian presidential election Russian people flocked to vote for Putin by as many as 88.48 percent. After that, on May 13, 2024, Putin appointed Manturov as First Deputy Prime Minister. In the past, it is rare for a Moscow graduate to lead Russia. (except Gorbachev, who had a law degree from Moscow University). Yeltsin installed Putin, who was born and received a law degree from Leningrad. (Later the name was changed to St. Petersburg) came to be the leader from the early days of leadership. Putin often uses people from Leningrad, such as Miadvediav, a former prime minister who graduated from Leningrad University in law, but this time the cabinet appointments Putin uses a number of people from Moscow and graduates from Moscow. My father was born in 1959 and received a doctorate from Moscow University. This Cabinet appointment Putin appointed Andrey Removich Belousov, a civilian born in 1959 and a graduate of Moscow University, as the new defense minister. This came as a surprise to many. Because Russia is currently fighting a battle with Ukraine. In the minds of ordinary people, Putin should appoint a prominent military figure as defense minister. Beluzov Civil Establishment Putin may want to improve Russia’s image. And there might be a plan to step down from the position of country leader. I asked my father, between Manturov and Belousov, who both graduated from Moscow University Who has a better chance of becoming president after Putin? Dad replied that it might be both. But there may be a gap of about 10 years. Belousov, born in 1959, may be the successor to Putin, and Manturov, born in 1969, may be the successor to Belousov. Russia is a country. The most expansive area in the world (17 million sq. km.) The person who will run the country in the new century (January 1, 2000 onwards) will need to choose someone with a history of education from an excellent institution. Must go through a variety of tasks Must not have a history of harming the country or siding with the West, like Alex Navalny, the opposition leader who recently died and became a ghost on February 16, 2024. This is because Russia had experience during the Soviet era where pro-Western people were brought in as leaders. Such as Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, who served as Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party and President of the Soviet Union. (1985-1991) was leader for only a few years. The great Soviet Union and one of the two superpowers in the world collapsed and became scattered into 15 countries in 1991. The event of the collapse of the Soviet Union 33 years ago caused Russians to compete with the politicians and leaders of the countries that had arisen in jumbles. Not having been molded to know every aspect of the work like Gorbachev, there are still many complexities involved in preparing people to become leaders and the leadership team that has to take care of a country with so much space. The best in the world like Russia As with countries with more than 1 billion people, such as China and India, in this matter, I would like permission to return to serve again in the future. Nitikarun Click to read column. “Open the sky to see the world” more